Why you should be concerned about the park mark of your car parking lot?

Park Mark

UK Safer Parking Scheme

UK Safer Parking Scheme was established in 2004 and by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO). The purpose of Airport car parking award was to reduce the crimes in parking facilities and it is managed by the British Parking Association through Area Managers. This parking scheme is supported by all the Police Forces in the United Kingdom.


What is Park Mark Award

Park Mark is an award given by the UK Police to the car parking lots. The parking mark is awarded to only those parking lot operators which have achieved the required national standards of the UK Parking Scheme. Trained Police assessors conduct a risk assessment for a parking lot which measures the required criteria for a parking lot. In order to achieve the park mark award, the parking lots must have necessary security measures which can help to reduce the crime rates. The Park Mark award guarantees a safer car parking space for you and your car.

Security Measures

All the parking lots which achieve the car park award have the required necessary security measures and if necessary latest security measures are introduced to the parking lot such as CCTV, signage as well as professional customer care. Park Mark award is given to a parking lot after reviewing the crime rates at a particular area. If the area is safe and the crimes rates are low, the park award is. If the crime rate is higher in a particular area, the park mark award is not provided to the parking lot.



Parking lots which are awarded the Park Mark car parks are re-assessed by the police every year. Reassessment is necessary to ensure that the high standards of the Park Mark award are not compromised. If a parking lot does not meet the requirements to hold the car park award, it is excluded from the list of park mark awards.

Our Parking lot Operators


The parking lot operators Compare Meet & Greet is working with are highly secured and achieves the car parking award. Park Mark is an integral part of Compare Meet & Greet Parking. Only those car parking lots are listed on the comparison list which has the car park award. These parking lots are committed to ensuring vehicle safety. Another thing which is beneficial for the customers is professional care. The customer care these parking lots receive professional training and they are available for the customers 24/7.

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