While In Toronto

While In Toronto

So you are all excited to make your way to Toronto for your next trip? We have jotted down the bet spots to visit while you are there. Toronto has many major attractions but here is where the masses are headed while they visit Toronto.

Niagara Falls:

Want to go see nature at its best? Make your way to the Niagara Falls. The beautiful waterfall is an attraction for millions of tourists from around the world. Once you get there you will notice that the aura around them is so peaceful and calming. People just walk around the waterfall and reflect on themselves. No doubt the beauty of Niagara has no parallel. The huge waterfall gives such a satisfying look. And for sure it is a treat to look at!!

Blue Mountain:

If you are the kind of person who loves skiing and snowboarding there is no place for you like the blue mountain. You can do all sorts of activities there but don’t worry if you are not a pro you can sign-up for lessons. It might be a little costly but the fun is guaranteed. So pack your bags and head to the blue mountain resort to make your day a fun day.

St. Lawrence Market:

Wondering where to find it all fresh? Make St. Lawrence Market is your destination. The market is full of fresh fruits and vegetables. It takes you to just another level of healthy. You can find fresh crabs and the juiciest prawns there. Perfect twist to your vacation, isn’t it?

Peller Estates Winery:

Whether you are a wine person or not Peller Estates Winery is a must go. A fine dine experience coupled with multiple wines to taste, once you get there you will find out so much about wines. To top it all the wine tasting is not so expensive either. You can taste three different wines just for 18$!!! See? Told ya it’d be worth it!

Distillery District:
While in Toronto one of the must visit places is District. There you can walk around and admire the beauty of finely done art around the walkways. The place is an artistic heaven, not just that you can find multiple eateries and gift shops. So if you have to buy souvenirs for your family back at home, you know where to find them now. District is one of the busiest places in Toronto, filled with tourists taking pictures alongside the beautiful walkways. Want to brag about your experience with proof? Get in the line for your photograph!

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada:
If you love nature and you are fascinated by sea life you must visit Ripley’s Aquarium. The huge aquarium gives you a glimpse of all the attractions there are under the sea. You can simply walk through while enjoying the activities of sea creatures. You can see sharks, sea turtles and the beautiful jellyfishes dancing in front of your eyes. Visiting this aquarium is truly a mesmerizing experience.

Snakes and Lattes:
When you need some time to relax head down to snakes and lattes. There you can simply sit with your friends and play different board games. The place is full of games. You name it and you got it!. You can also tell them your interest and they will pull out just the right game for you. While you sip your hot coffee and dig into your brownie you can relive your childhood memories. What can be better than this?

Toronto is a city where you can find activities no matter what your age is. So pack your bags and plan your next vacation to Toronto for a fun filled relaxing trip.

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