What you should not forget at the airport?

Amongst the panic of trying to pack all the things, most people forget to pack the basic things they might be needed during the flight. Apart from passport and tickets, there are many other things which a passenger may consider before kicking off his journey.


Water Bottle

Water drinking

The first thing which may be needed during the flight is a water bottle. Although you can buy a drink during the flight or get free water during the flight it will not be free at the terminals. If you have to change 2 or 3 flights, you can’t buy a water bottle at every terminal as it will cost you money. Therefore, it is advised to pack an extra bottle with you to avoid dehydration. If you have forgotten to bring your water bottle from your home, remember to buy a water bottle only when you have been through security gates.



The second thing you do not want to forget at home is your headphones. For most of the passengers, leaving headphones is no less than a dreadful mishap as their whole journey is dependent on it. Although you can borrow a spare headphone during the flight what if your flight is delayed for hours and you have to wait at the airport terminal. Therefore, once you have updated your music library, you should pack your headphones.


Jacket or a hoodie

You can never tell how hot or cold your flight will be. Usually, if it is a hot summer, we prefer to leave our jacket or hoodie at home expecting the temperature to be the same as they have inside their home. Don’t underestimate the airline’s aircon because the temperature inside the flight can be much colder than expected. Therefore, don’t forget to pack a jacket or a hoodie which will be helpful to stop the cold.


Mobile phone charger


Mobile phone charger is the most common thing which travelers forget at home. The charger is the thing which a passenger may not forget at home as he/she has to buy a new one to keep his/her phone charged.




You should pack wipes because you never know where and why you might need them. The wipes are necessary to refresh you and help to clean your hands.


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